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Being pedantic about C++ compilation


  • Don’t assume it’s safe to use pre-built dependencies when compiling C++ programs. You might want to build from source, especially if you can’t determine how a pre-built object was compiled, or if you want to use a different C++ standard than was used to compile it.
  • Ubuntu has public build logs which can help you determine if you can use a pre-built object, or if you should compile from source.
  • pkg-config¬†is useful for generating the flags needed to compile a complex third-party dependency. CMake’s¬†PkgConfig¬†module can make it easy to integrate a dep into your build system.
  • Use CMake¬†IMPORTED¬†targets (e.g.¬†BZip2::Bzip2) versus legacy variables (e.g.¬†BZIP2_INCLUDE_DIRS¬†and¬†BZIP2_LIBRARIES).
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