Who’s Mark Mossberg?

I’m Mark, jack of a few trades and aspiring master of at least one.

I’m a systems programmer.
I’ve worked on emulators, operating systems, and compilers; reverse-engineered binaries and written exploits; and spent an ungodly amount of time in gdb.

I’m a writer.
I write an assortment of technical deep dives, essays, and tweets. The goal is to articulate nuance, record lessons, and think more clearly.

I’m a music producer.
Producing music is my main creative outlet and I’ve spent several thousand hours making metal, emo, and wave since 2010.

I used to work in infosec but now I work in music tech. In 2020, I took a gap year and spent it making music and programming (including contributions to the Linux kernel and LLDB). I also created Timestamps, a workflow product for DJs, which I grew to a humble $50 MRR before making it free. I spent the fall working at a fast food restaurant.

Anything you’d like to hear about? DMs are open — feel free to hit me up on Twitter.

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Public Speaking

Academic Papers

  • ASE 2019: “Manticore: A User-Friendly Symbolic Execution Framework for Binaries and Smart Contracts”


  • A song I produced for YAOKAI & Sleet Mage was covered in HYPEBEAST.