About me

Hi, I’m Mark Mossberg. This is my blog, where I’m sharing everything I know.

Here’s what I know about:

  • Systems programming
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Music production

I used to work in the infosec industry, where I worked on emulators, operating systems, and compilers, reverse engineered binaries, and wrote exploits.

Now, I’m taking a gap year. I’ve spent it making music and programming (including contributions to the Linux kernel and LLDB). I also created Timestamps, a workflow product for DJs, which I grew to a humble $50 MRR before making it free. Lately, I’ve been working at a fast food restaurant.

I love using writing, art, and screencasts to share what I know about intermediate & advanced technical topics. Here’s what’s on my list to share about:

  • Adventures with the Linux kernel virtual memory subsystem
  • Finding a memory corruption bug in lldb
  • C++ ABI compatibility and reproducing a real GCC ABI bug
  • Debugging gnarly symbolic execution bugs
  • … a lot more

I also have reflections to share on taking a gap year, and my own tech career journey.

Anything you’d like to hear about? DMs are open — feel free to hit me up on Twitter.

I also have a mailing list if you want to know when I write new posts:

Thanks for stopping by!