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Tip: Have two checkouts of the repo

It can be handy to have two checkouts of a repo. One is the primary one (A) for working in. And the other is the “spare” (B).

This can be useful in a number of situations:

  • You’re in the middle of a rebase in A and want to quickly reference something in another branch. Instead of having to mess up your rebase state, or go to github, you just go to B.
  • You’re code reviewing an intense refactor of an API. It can be handy to quickly flip back and forth between the versions of the codebase before and after the API change to get a better sense of what changes. Sometimes the diff isn’t quite enough.
  • You’re code reviewing one branch and want to quickly code review another in a way that’s “immutable” to your work environment.
  • If you want to quickly flip back and forth between builds of two different branches.

What’s with the name?

I chose “offlinemark” as a handle for a few reasons:

  • I didn’t want to use my real full name as the handle because of privacy and because I don’t consider my last name a 100% stable API. Ideally this username would last a long time.
  • I like adjectives as usernames, but also including my first name makes it feel a bit personal.
  • It’s highly unique. There’s a strong chance I can always get this username.
  • It’s a bit techy, which is on brand.
  • Aesthetics. I dislike numbers in usernames. I like the visual appearance of the text (all on one line, no underhanging characters).
  • It’s an aspirational reminder. A lot of the best things in life are offline.
  • It appeals to my ironic and quirky sense of humor.

Why I enjoy hanging out with entrepreneurs

I’ve been a regular attendee at the Indie Hackers Berlin meetup lately. I’m not particularly an entrepreneur myself, but I love hanging out with them because they generally have many of the following qualities:

  • High functioning
  • Smart/Clever (to be successfull, you kind of have to be)
  • Ambitious
  • Creative
  • Unconventional thinkers
  • Into self development
  • Leadership

All of which make them very fun and interesting to be around!

Why I write in public

Note to self. I write because:

  • Improved clarity of thought
  • Archive of thought
  • Improves writing skills

In addition, I write in public because:

  • It reinforces a mindset of speaking my mind in public (i.e. courage)
  • Receive valuable feedback and external perspectives
  • Build relationships

Furthermore, I’ve found that it’s addicting to write in public.

  • It feels good to look back on writing and realize you’ve expressed yourself clear and well. And that you understand the topic well know.
  • It feels good to develop a voice.
  • It feels good to watch yourself improve. You can write better, faster with practice.
  • You become more self-observant of your thoughts, and realize that there are so many interesting things to write about.
  • It feels good to get positive feedback on your writing.