Monthly Archives: May 2023

AI Predictions

  • In the future, we will see an industry of AI coaches. Some of these will compete and take business away from existing human coaches (e.g. a writing coach) but much of it will fill gaps that are simply unfilled right now. Think coaching for areas that could be helpful for people, but are too niche to go out and find a coach for. Human coaches will not totally go away because the flood of AI into society will reinforce in people the desire to speak to “real humans”. We see this today with customer support and how people simple just want to get on a phone with a “real person” to can help them.
  • Just like how smartphones eventually became ubiquitous, personal AI assistants living on your phone or $BIG_TECH account will become the norm. Signing up for a Google account will initialize an AI assistant that will get to know you as you start to use GMail, GCal, etc. When you buy an Android phone, it will be there as soon as you log in.
  • Apps will come with AI assistants built into them similar to how we have chatbots in the lower right hand corner of websites.
  • Things will really start to get interesting once AIs can spend money for you. Think a monthly budget you give to your AI for buying groceries, household supplies, and more. Maybe it asks you before it triggers a buy, maybe it doesn’t.

The nice part about working for big companies

The nice part about working for big companies is that you can be a part of massive product launches that makes real waves and get massive press coverage… and you didn’t even have to be there for the decades of work that led to it. You can join at the end for the “fun parts”.

This week we launched Push 3 at Ableton. I was only barely involved, but I was still able to participate in the excitement of releasing our new product to an audience that has been hungrily waiting for it for years.

This is not something you get when working for yourself, or for most startups. Or at least not without 100x the effort.

It’s also not a guarantee at large companies, but if you choose your company and team right, it’s a significant positive that counterbalances many of the negatives of a large company.